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203.5.5 Practice : Implementing Intermediate outputs in R

In this post we will learn how to implement the concept of intermediate outputs using R. We will cover many things in this session. Dataset: Emp_Productivity/ Emp_Productivity_All_Sites.csv Filter the data and take first 74 observations from above dataset . Filter condition is Sample_Set<3 Build a logistic regression model to predict …

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203.3.5 Information Gain in Decision Tree Split

Information Gain Information Gain= entropyBeforeSplit – entropyAfterSplit Easy way to understand Information gain= (overall entropy at parent node) – (sum of weighted entropy at each child node) Attribute with maximum information is best split attribute Information Gain- Calculation Entropy Ovearll = 100% (Impurity) Entropy Young Segment = 99% Entropy Old …

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