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104.1.1.Introduction to Python and IDE for Python

What is python

  • It is a language
  • Human-readable syntax and well Documented
  • Open Source (Free)
  • Powerful scripting language with simple Syntax
  • www.python.org
  • Used by many data scientists and developers


  • Python language created by Guido van Rossum (Benevolent Dictator for Life).
  • First Python version released in 1991
  • Python 2 released in 2000
  • Python 3 released in 2008
  • Python 3 introduced to overcome future code expanding
  • Python 3 is NOT fully backwards compatible with Python 2
  • Python 2 is frozen and supported until 2020. Good features from Python 3 are back-ported.

Which one to use ? Python 2 or Python 3

  • Python 2 is NOT same as Python 3. There are minor changes.
  • There are some incompatibilities, code in Python 2 may not always run in Python 3 and vice-versa.
  • All important packages like NumPy , SciPy and Matplotlib are available for both Python 2 and Python 3
  • We are useing Python 3 in our courses.

Installing Python & Python IDEs

 Writing and executing python programs
  • Python has many options to write and execute a program.
  • You can use Text Editors or Command line interfaces or Notebook or an IDE.
  • We will use Spyder IDE in our courses.
  • Anaconda distribution has all the required software’s inbuilt. We just need to download and install it.

Installing Python, Anaconda

  • Download and install Anaconda3 by visiting anaconda.org.
  • It automatically installs
    • Ipython
    • Jupyter notebook
    • Spyder IDE
  • Spyder is what we need for our coding.

Spyder- Python IDEs

  • Spyder (formerly Pydee) is an open source cross-platform IDE for the Python language.
  • Editor with syntax highlighting and code completion.
  • Has an interactive console to execute and check the output of the code.
  • Testing and debugging is relatively easy.
  • Best IDE if you are coming from a R-Studio or MATLAB background.
  • Spyder also provides an object inspector that executes in the context of the console. Any objects created in the console can be examined in the inspector.

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