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103.1.9 Most Common Errors in R

While executing the code in R, it is very likely that we get some error. There are some common errors like syntax & missing packages. By following the below checklist you can quickly fix the code errors

Couldn’t find the object: Like for example, we named an object as “myvar” and we’ll be searching uppercase “myvar”, i.e., we are trying to refer something which is not existing.

myvar <- c(15, 17, 16, 15, 16)
Error: object 'Myvar' not found

Most of the times we make mistake in upper case and lower case. We couldn’t find a specific function, we are writing a function but the function is not there or we might be referring the function in a wrong way. Maybe the relevant R packages are not installed, and then install the package which can be seen in the console.

qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars)
Error: could not find function 'qplot'
qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars)

Non-numeric arguments are like if we’re trying to do arithmetic or math on strings, then obviously error will occur.

Name<- c("John", "Bob", "Kevin", "Smith", "Rick")

Basically, if we’re doing incompatible operations, then we might get this type of error.

  • No such file or directory.
  • This package is incompatible with R and there are some packages which get updated, say package version 1 might be compatible with R version 3 but later on that package, it might have been upgraded or renamed. As we work on, we’ll get to know more about this.



We can just put a question mark (?) and type the function name for help (?str() ) or R help documentation is also good, rather than searching in the help library, we can directly search it in Google.

?substr() help(substr)

With this, the basic introduction to R has come to an end. We will be using these topics very often while working on R. In later sessions we will discuss Data handling techniques

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