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204.5.6 Neural Network Intuition

Before going further into neural network algorithm, we need to understand and break down how the algorithm is working. Neural Network Intuition Final Output y=out(h)=g(∑Wjhj)hj=out(x)=g(∑w(jk)xk) y=out(h)=g(∑Wjg(∑w(jk)xk)) So h is a non linear function of linear combination of inputs – A multiple logistic regression line Y is a non linear function …

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204.5.5 Practice : Implementing Intermediate outputs in Python

In this post we will learn how to implement the concept of intermediate outputs using python. We will cover many things in this session. Practice : Intermediate output Dataset: Emp_Productivity/ Emp_Productivity_All_Sites.csv Filter the data and take first 74 observations from above dataset . Filter condition is Sample_Set<3 Build a logistic …

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