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104.2.7 Identifying and Removing Duplicate values from dataset in Python

In this post we will understand how to identify and remove the duplicate values form dataset. We will use bill dataset from Telecom Data Analysis folder. Identifying & Removing Duplicates In [90]: bill_data=pd.read_csv("datasets\\Telecom Data Analysis\\Bill.csv") bill_data.shape Out[90]: (9462, 7) In [87]: #Identify duplicates records in the data dupes=bill_data.duplicated() sum(dupes) Out[87]: 10 In [88]: …

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104.2.6 Sorting the data in python

In previous post we created subsets of data by condition filtering, in this post we will create the new subsets by sorting one or more column values. Sorting the data We will use Online retail dataset. In [10]: Online_Retail=pd.read_csv("datasets\\Online Retail Sales Data\\Online Retail.csv", encoding = "ISO-8859-1") Online_Retail.head(5) Out[10]: InvoiceNo StockCode Description …

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104.2.3 Manipulting datasets in python

In this blog we will see how we can manipulate imported dataset into subsets. Sub-setting the data Dataset: “./World Bank Data/GDP.csv“ In [30]: import pandas as pd #The below line may throw some error gdp=pd.read_csv("datasets\\World Bank Data\\GDP.csv",encoding = "ISO-8859-1") gdp.shape Out[30]: (194, 4) In [29]: gdp.columns.values Out[29]: array(['Country_code', 'Rank', 'Country', 'GDP'], dtype=object) …

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104.2.1 Importing data in Python

 In this post we will try to understand how to import the datasets into python. Data import from CSV files Need to use the function read.csv Need to use “/” or “\” in the path. The windows style of path “\” doesn’t work Importing from CSV files In [2]: import pandas …

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104.1.5 Python Packages

Packages A package is collection of python functions. A properly structured and complied code. A package may contain many sub packages. Many python functions are only available via “packages” that must be imported. For example to find value of log(10) we need to first import match package that has the …

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