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104.2.8 Joining and Merging datasets in Python

In this post we will learn how to merge two datasets in python using pandas library. Data sets merging and Joining Datasets: TV Commercial Slots Analysis/orders.csv TV Commercial Slots Analysis/slots.csv In [103]: orders=pd.read_csv("datasets\\TV Commercial Slots Analysis\\orders.csv") orders.shape Out[103]: (1369, 9) In [105]: slots=pd.read_csv("datasets\\TV Commercial Slots Analysis\\slots.csv") slots.shape Out[105]: (1764, 17) In [108]: # …

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103.2.3.a Sub Setting-An Example

As a bank manager you would like to know the quality of the customers which the bank is catering to.This would help you in profiling out some target customers. You may want to rollout some marketing offers to the selected customers from the bank. Data : “./Bank Marketing/bank_market.csv” 1.Create separate …

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