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103.1.6 R Lists

R list is a collection of Homogenous / heterogonous R components i.e., a dataset, a string, an image, an object can be put together. Imagine R objects which should have an image, a dataset, string etc., then the list will be very useful. Let us see a demo x<- c(1:20)    …

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103.1.4 R Data types

This is the most important topic of our current session. R has vectors, data frames, lists. R Vectors Everything in R is stored as a Vector by default, most of the times. If I say my name:  >name<-“karthik” The structure of name, Str(name) is Char The data-type of name, is.vector(name)-TRUE. So, by default …

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103.1.3 R Packages

Everything in R is actually a package. Like if we want to do some cluster analysis or customer segmentation & text mining or big data analytics or to connect a particular R to an SPSS dataset, it is not directly possible until and unless that particular package is available to …

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103.1.2 R Environment

R studio has three main windows : Console, Workspace, and the output. It is in the Console where we write the code most of the times and output will be displayed there itself. If we write ‘here’, it will say, error: object ‘here’ not found, as this object is not …

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103.1.1 R Introduction

For learning any things one must always start from basics. So here we start with the basics of R and R-studio, R environment, basic operations, various data types, R scripts and saving the work in R, My first R program, R functions, Most common errors in R, R-help and much …

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